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- Overview:

Q3mon is available to download here.
Q3mon is a quake 3 game browser and server monitor written in Perl using a qstat back-end. It is entirely web based and requires no downloads to function; assuming that you have both JavaScript and cookies enabled. You will, however, be required to download a game launcher if you intend to join a server (see below). Q3mon has just been ported from Q4mon and will most likely have a few bugs here n there.

Querying a master server may take some time, but the results will be returned in real-time. These queries are set to timeout after 60 seconds and may very well take that long, so please be patient. 'Favorites Only' listings will be quite fast however, as you will be querying individual servers rather than processing the entire master list.

For fastest results - query the Local Cache, providing the administrator has enabled it.

Local Cache is scheduled to update every 10 minutes.

Supported Game Launchers:
Ping Results:
Ping times listed here are server side. This means that they are not the ping times from your computer to the q3 servers, rather the ping times from this web server to the q3 servers.

- Monitor Servers and Favorites:

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Monitor One or More Servers

* If monitoring more than one server, separate each with a comma: or,,

* Max number of servers/favorites to monitor has been limited to 10.

- Generate Name:

Need to test out your new binds?
Enter a string and have Q3mon format it with Quake 3 colors.

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  Q3mon v0.2a by slackX